Logos & Lettering

A variety of unique lettering concepts and logos for different pieces of visual communication.
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Season: Winter ’15 and ongoing Objective: Capitalize on active wear as a relevant fashion sense. However, beyond just overall comfort, establish product credibility that can match known performance brands but at unbeatable prices. Approach: Feature photography that sets itself apart from Old Navy fashion – in sense turning the activewear into it’s own sub-brand. Use large impactful images and close crops that can properly show the product features. Fine tune a voice that is direct to the product. Piece all these elements into a splash page that can feature the biggest and newest innovations in Old Navy Active.
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ON Collabs

Season: Various ‘15 Objective: Define the balance of value and fashion credibility that is uniquely Old Navy. Approach: Each instance requires a different balance of elements – such as defining a season’s looks, provide insights from the clothing designer or collaborating with bloggers and fashion influencers. At the same time, Old Navy is unashamed of their prices so there are featured loud and proud. This creates a balance unique to Old Navy that other competitors would not dare take into consideration.
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Outfitting Experience

Season: Fall ‘15 Objective: Recognize September’s place in fashion with Old Navy’s own women’s outfitting experience shop. Approach: Establish an unbeatable combination of value and fashion. The page spirals the user down a systematic list of trends – each clearly labeled and showing different ways to make each their own. Collaborated with teams to add a custom “shop by outfit” light box interface to add the whole look or individual pieces to cart.
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Objective: Evaluate the existing email system, and create a style guide in collaboration effort with the internal team. Approach: Take current mobile email practices into consideration to establish specific marketing templates – including typographic rules, formatting, and button standards. Collaborate with the internal Care team to set realistic and usable expectations to move forward with improving their email campaigns.
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Objective: Provide a real estate web presence for clients to search for homes and find local information. Approach: Real estate and buying a home is still a very traditional process. The site needs to be easy to use for a person of any age or web experience level. It quickly establishes the quality of projects that Melody works on with large sweeping images, yet still provides quick access to the various tools and information available.
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Franchise Template

Season: Summer ’14 and ongoing. Objective: Introduce Old Navy’s brand, voice and vision to broader markets, starting with a Philippines non-ecom website that can be updated seasonally. Approach: Create a one-page site template with a simple interface using the combination of powerful images along with the feel-good vibe of the brand. Ultimately this is about fashion, so it features a large lookbook section that opens up into a light box viewer experience with the seasonal styles across the family.
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Denim Education Interface

Season: Old Navy Summer ’14 Objective: Educate the customer on the variety of fits and rises available. Make it easy to discover where key aspects of the jean will hit her body and how put a look together. Design Notes: Nested a couple of simple interfaces within each other, allowing the user to interact as much or as little as they want. The large canvas shows an energetic look with a broad overview of each fit. The window to the right is the designated area to drill into rises and fit information.
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Mel Scouts

Objective: Create a look & feel for an independent vintage jewelry seller. Approach: The Mel Scouts logo was designed with a custom script approach. It takes on a loose, whimsy personality that sets itself apart from other jewelry shops that are rigid and polished. This logo embodies the product – not technically perfect or pristine, but embodies character in its patina that makes it unique. The photography direction was crisp and straight forward. This approach let the unique attributes of the jewelry come through – even if it has discoloration or imperfections. This all adds to the stories behind each piece.
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